Your Private Messages Are Being Secretly Tracked by These Apps

Smartphones, ever since they were introduced into the market, have become a big part of the lives of many living in this day and age. This is mostly due to the fact that they are capable of running different apps that have different functions suited to each person’s specific needs. As of today, there are millions of different apps available online which include games, messaging and chat apps, health trackers, study apps, and even productivity apps. The most popular and largely downloaded are the social media apps such as SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among many others.

If you are downloading apps, the safest places to download them from would be Appl’s App Store for Apple device users and Google Play Store for Android device users. However, despite the strict security measures that these online app stores have, there are some malicious apps that carry with them hidden malicious tracking malware that you need to look out for.

Most of these malicious apps specifically target Android device users and most of them have eluded the strict security screening process of Google Play Store specifically. Some examples of these apps are “Skin Care Magazine” and “App Play Store” which was recently discovered by SophosLabs. Both apps were developed by the same developer named New.App.

Both of these apps have similar functions that is they are both designed to gather and record data of your SMS messages. By gathering information from your conversations in text messages, a third party individual who has access to the malware’s program can steal important private information including account names and passwords, bank account numbers, social security numbers, birth details and others. Such information may be used to commit crimes such as identity theft, fraud and other similar infractions.

The malware that these malicious apps carry are downloaded into the phone’s system the moment the app is launched by the user on their device in the same way that most legitimate and safe apps retrieve plugins. The plugins are downloaded by connecting to another remote website into the device. In the same manner, the tracking malware is downloaded into the phone’s system without the owner’s permission.

It is almost impossible to detect a malicious app or malware at the onset not until they are already rooted into a device’s system. To avoid such, it is necessary that mobile device users make safety precautions prior to any attempt of downloading any kind of app into their devices.

What are the ways that can help one avoid from downloading a malicious app with a dangerous malware hidden in its program?

One way would be staying away from third party sources of apps online. Unlike iStore and Play Store, these third party sources does not have strict screening processes for the apps that are uploaded into their database. This makes it easier for developers of malicious apps and malware to infiltrate their app database and upload hidden best sms tracking. It is rare to find malicious apps on iStore and Play Store and if found are typically filtered in no time and are immediately deleted from their database.

Another way would be installing a strong anti-virus software in your device. Many reliable anti-virus programs available online are already equipped to detect and block malicious malware and preventing them from infecting your gadget from the onset.

A user should also always check the developer of a specific app that he or she wishes to download. Verification of the app’s developer is important and this can be done by a simple search on online search engines. If you notice that the developers name is different even in the slightest way from the original developer’s name then that developer is probably a copycat. Chances are, the app you are about to download contains a malicious malware or virus.

Reading app reviews can also help users filter out which apps are legitimate and which are not. If the app is really good or popular there will be several good reviews about it and may even include reviews from app and programming experts. Also, if the app turns out to be a malicious one there will surely be reviews about it in the review section. If there are any of such bad reviews it would be best if you avoid downloading it on your phone.

Due to the recent security threats to mobile phone security, phone operating system developers are constantly updating their systems to improve their security settings to help block these malicious malware. It would be best if you constantly update your gadget to the latest operating system version to make sure that you are well-equipped with the latest security updates against recent threats.